EQ2: Erollisi Day Quest Guide

"Bachelor number one...if you were a sword, what type would you be?"  
"Bachelor number one...if you were a sword, what type would you be?"
Erollisi, the EverQuest II Goddess of Love, is making her presence known all over Norrath. It's that time of year when we do a little bit of matchmaking for our friends and a little bit of wooing our own subjects of interests with special little love notes and candy hearts. Get a preview of all that this fun holiday has to offer in our Quest Guide and Event Spoiler and get a head start on all of that good lovin'!

It seems Dalron has a little trouble. He isn't the stud muffin he thought he was and one tasty lil nugget is resisting his affections! Head just west of Dalron and speak with Christina. Unfortunately, she isn't into him but she does what every women does in that situation, she lies to make him feel better! Return to Dalron and collect your gift for being mean!

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