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Dark Elf Invasions Can Only Mean Trouble
Dark Elf Invasions Can Only Mean Trouble

Avelorn: a land of beauty and magic... and now, evil. The Dark Elves have come to storm this land. As the home of the Everqueen, Avelorn  is much more than just an Elven land. It is a land that is deep in the hearts of the High Elves. To capture this would mean a moral victory for the Druchii. However, they are not alone. In the dark parts of the forest, chaos wakes. The Dark Chaos Lord Nurgle, God of Decay, has returned and is waiting. As if this wasn't enough, the Alarielle the Everqueen is gone and no one knows where to. Is there hope for Avelorn? Come see for yourself.

The forests of Avelorn are not without peril. Where the Winds of Magic are strong, Chaos inevitably follows. In the Age of Reckoning there are dark places in the deep woods where Beastmen hold dominion. Daemonic minions of the Ruinous Powers dwell in cold, forbidding marshes or deep caves beneath ancient, rotting trunks. The High Elves of the wood must be vigilant, lest these dangers threaten the Everqueen and her court.

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