Tabula Rasa: Community Forum Q&A #5

Critters in the House!
Critters in the House!

Newly appointed to lead Tabula Rasa Community Management,Critters speaks officially for the first time with Ten Ton Hammer answering a number of fourm questions submitted by our readers. Want to know what customization options they are working with in the next patch?  What about the changes coming to Stealth Armor? Take a look at our Q&A and get the full story inside.

Ten Ton Hammer: Kaos would like to know if there will be more visual armor customization options similar to the tailoring system in CoH (he got spoiled just like we did with it).

Critters: I think most players will agree, as you level through the game, it's really nice when you get options to look more and more impressive. Everyone knows the feeling when you start out as a newb, and you see your first level 50 - you can just tell that they put a lot of work into their character by the style of armor that they wear and the abilities that they use. We plan to add more options for character customization in the future. At the moment, the armor sets are getting optimized (this should be in 1.5) to allow additional pieces to be added in the future.

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