WoW: Marksmanship Hunter Talent Guide

Yeah, but can you shoot an apple off a murloc's head?
Yeah, but can you shoot an apple off a murloc's head?

The Hunter class has many great talents and some that aren't so great. Which are which though? To many new players it is not always clear. This leads players to following other players builds rather than creating a build that suits their play style. The aim of this guide is to help you create your own build, or perfect an existing one to better suit you. You can do this by better understanding each talent. We finish off the guide today with a look at the most popular talent tree, the Marksmanship Tree.

This Marksmanship Talent Guide goes over each of the talents in the talent tree meant to allow you to do the most ranged damage. The marksmanship talent tree has traditionally been by far the most popular talent tree, at one point almost 85% of all hunters were marksman based. However, recently the other talent trees have started to gain favor, especially beast mastery, but most hunters are still marksmanship based. The tree focuses on ranged attack power, critical hits and extra ranged shot types. It is a solid all around talent tree that allows good raid DPS as well as PvP ability.

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