Anarchy Online Developer Diary #4: Every NPC is Special

Behind the Scenes with Anarchy Online
Behind the Scenes with Anarchy Online

The Ten Ton Hammer staff is pleased to bring you the next segment in the ongoing Anarchy Online Developer Journal being submitted by the lovely Nina "Aythem" Sund, Content Designer/Writer for Anarchy Online, and the fourth journal is now available for viewing. Again, Nina has taken time to answer a selection of your questions and has given some in-depth responses to your inquiries. Check it out immediately!

From a story point of view, there are a few professions that I like more than others, strictly from a sci-fi and story point of view. The Nano-Technician is a profession ripe with content from AO's story, an interesting mix of the classic mage and the futuristic technophile. The way they use their nanobots and their cyberdeck to script the most destructive actions is very interesting as part of a setting like AO's.

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