Tabula Rasa: Guide to the Devil's Den

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Running with the Devil

In the center of Tabula RasaÂ’s war torn Concordia Palisades, a vast trench provides a grim reminder of the Bane shard ship that created it.  Guarded by dozens of heavily armed Thrax infantry and swarms of dangerous Fithiks, the cavern at the end can only be reached by fighting your way through. Ten Ton Hammer has revisited this instance, updating the guide, including adding new Named Boss Mobs.

The aptly named the Devil's Den is one of the lengthiest instances you will have run into so far. This isn't the cake walk you saw in Pravus Research or Timora Mines but will provide a 90ish minute battle taking the lives of hundreds of Bane forces.  Designed for squads in the upper teens, if you can't find a squad or don't play well with others you can usually solo it around 21 or 22 if you're patient.

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