WoW: Extended Rogue Guide: Poisons and Combo Points

Posted Fri, Feb 08, 2008 by Shayalyn

Something with Poison in It!

In World of Warcraft Rogues are given a unique ability to use a "finishing move" that can be used anytime as long as the Rogue has collected enough combo points from doing various attacks. Using these finishing moves along with the various poisons is key in both survival and victory for a Rogue. Our Extended Rogue Guide goes into detail about how the combo point system works and all about what poisons to use when.

Start with an opening move if at all possible.  At very early levels, your only opening move is Backstab.  At 14, you'll get Garrote, but remember my guidelines on using DoT's.  At 18, you will finally get Ambush.  When you get Ambush, take Backstab out of your stealth menu.  Backstab will never outdamage Ambush.  From that point on, only use Backstab with Gouge and in groups.

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