Tabula Rasa: Do We Need Military Surplus?

Weapons for Sale...Cheap
Weapons for Sale...Cheap

Like most MMO games Tabula Rasa provides players with a place to auction goods that you would see in any third world black market such as rifles, grenades, and body armor. With the system in place for two months now, RadarX looks at the Military Surplus system and points out what he thinks is working and what isn't. Open economies, meta-games, and more are discussed just inside.

Tabula Rasa implemented their version of a player auction system called the Military Surplus just a few short months ago to much excitement and hoorah. While not available at launch, the dev team was quick to realize it was on a number of players minds and something many considered integral to the core mechanics. So where do we stand now? How is the Military Surplus working out?

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