WoW: Guide to the Love is in the Air Valentine's Event

 1000 WoW Articles and Growing
 1000 WoW Articles and Growing

We have added a new guide to our site, this one detailing the different activities you may do within the ongoing Valentine's Day Event in World of Warcraft. If you're wondering how to make Horde or Alliance Gift Collections, or how to get the different buffs available, check out our latest update, which marks the 1000th article page on our WoW community site. (That's a lot of WoW content!)

When you receive Pledges of Friendship, you will find a card or a pledge of loyalty from the city's guard if you got it from a guard, or trade goods if you got them from the vendors. Once you collect 5 cards, 5 pledges and 5 trade goods, you may combine them into a gift collection from the city you obtained them from."

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