EQ2: Game Update 42 Interview with Bruce Ferguson

 Savanja Delivers the Interview Goods
 Savanja Delivers the Interview Goods

EverQuest II's Game Update #42 was packed with several much anticipated goodies that managed to give everyone a little bit of something to enjoy. PvPers, top tier players, and crafters all have a the extra drive to log in and play for hours on end, and the community has definitely lit up with excitement and discussion over these amazing new additions.  

Senior Producer Bruce Ferguson was kind enough to take a moment to answer a few questions from Ten Ton Hammer regarding GU #42 and some of our favorite features. Find out when Erollisi Day will finally make it in game, and how the dev team thinks the extra production time benefited the epic quest lines.

Savanja: PvP token drops have caused some grief in the past and have been one feature that has been grossly exploited.  Was this exploitation part of why tokens have been made only available through questing?

Bruce Ferguson: Writs largely came about based on player feedback and to give some emphasis to group PvP In the past tokens were largely distributed through the lottery system, but since the drop rate was high, players then felt it was easier to solo than group. Writs still allow the solo player to gain tokens easily but the group can now get the same amount by finishing the quest together. As for exploitation, it was always a small few that did this and wasnÂ’t a major factor in our decision to move to the writ system.

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