Ten Ton Hammer's Warhammer Online Guild of the Month: February

Crush, Conquer, Etc. ...
Crush, Conquer, Etc. ...

With Warhammer Online coming, it's time to start getting prepared, and what better way to prepare than to research a guild or two?  In Ten Ton Hammer's Warhammer Online Guild of the Month feature, we interview guilds who are gearing up to take on Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning when it releases and help you get to know a few of these soon to be contenders in the world of WAR. This month we talk to three of the leaders of The Unholy Legion of Anti-Sanctus Chaotica!

The ASC has been found in games such as L2, DoW, and assorted other projects. Individuals waiting on WAR can be found still engaging in said activities, all of which are very experienced and meet with success more than failure.

Our goals are simple, CRUSH, CONQUER, AND OTHERWISE DESTROY ORDER! Obviously having fun is just as important but that will not be hard what with the amazing community we have. With 200 members signed up with our old forums, 100 members signed up with our new forums, and with ~6 months left until release we will have a veritable army on opening day. You can expect to see us at the top of the guild charts fast.

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