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We're very worried

Light of Arnor is just plain worried about Lord of the Rings: Shadows of Angmar (LOTRO). In fact, he's so worried about things like cartoony graphics, PvP, lore and the end game that he may turn into a lemur while popping Xanax, drinking Everclear, and eating toxic pufferfish. Whatever shall he do to quell his mounting anxiety?

I'm very worried about my ability to have, well, the
important things. Will my sideburns be over 4 inches? Will I have the
ability to look 80 when I wish? Will I have the option to create a
morbidly obese onyx-skinned elf who's 5-foot-long hair flawlessly sways
in the wind as I run smoothly through the Balrog-infested woods of
Lorien? I'm worried about how perfectly unique I'm going to look. I'm
entitled to that, ya know. I pay good, hard money to be able to make
whatever I want, and I should have the ability to look unlike anything
else in Middle-earth. Nothing's helping. I'm calling my Psychiatrist
(thank god for speed dial).

It's a fun, offbeat poke at overly anxious, pre-launch forum communities! Enjoy it responsibly at our LotRO @ TenTonHammer community site!

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