Lineage II: The First Throne Review

"Expansion" and "Free"--Two of Our Favorite Words!
"Expansion" and "Free"--Two of Our Favorite Words!

It's been approximately four years since the original release of Lineage II, and the developers at NCsoft thought it would be a perfect time to release another free expansion for the game. Diving into the fray, Cody "Micajah" Bye gives his full report on Lineage II: The First Throne and determines whether the game is right for both veteran and fresh players alike. As the follow-up to his first impressions review, the in-depth version goes into some of the deeper nuances in the game, so make sure you check it out!

From my play experience, the new higher-end content is extremely fun to play through, with well-crafted (if not terribly thought provoking) dungeons that truly elicit some fun emotive responses. For example, when I was playing through the Crystal Caverns on the Isle of Prayer, I often found myself staring at the rich architecture and level design, gazing up at the fish swimming above my head. The monsters in that area were well-wrought and fit the instance perfectly.

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