Tabula Rasa: Wedge Rock Outpost Guide

Rock n' Roll!
Rock n' Roll!

Who doesn't like a giant rock? Most people. But if you add forcefields and huge laser cannons it starts to look a lot better. This is essentially what the AFS did to create Wedge Rock Outpost and we've got your complete guide to this area of Plateau. Don't get stonewalled in this base, check out the information we have available.

There is nothing that feels safer than being surrounded by dozens of infantry within a cavernous mountain base. Eventually you'll have to leave the comforts of Tabula Rasa's Fort Defiance and make your way to other areas of Valverde Plateau for experience. One of your first trips will be to the eastern area of the zone to a small AFS fort called Wedge Rock Outpost.

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