Jumpgate Evolution: Battle Station Interview with Hermann Peterscheck at GDC '08

That's No Moon...
That's No Moon...

The Death Star. The Executor. Motherships. Battlestar Galactica. The science fiction genre just wouldn't be the same without the battle stations and capital ships that little its landscape, and the developers at NetDevil haven't ignored this fact. At GDC '08, NetDevil's Hermann Peterscheck sat down with the Ten Ton Hammer staff to discuss the recently revealed battle stations and discuss what's on the future for Jumpgate Evolution.

"Our whole philosophy with Jumpgate is really to test, retest, and change things when necessary," Hermann said. "A few months ago, we were talking about the game and there was this feeling that going around and fighting ships was fun, but it's not really enough. There was this big hole, this need to fight large ships that just wasn't being expressed through our current gameplay. Therefore, we decided to put them in, and our first iteration on that is the battle station."

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