EQ2 Humor: Expansion Blues

A Sideways Glance at Rise of Kunark
A Sideways Glance at Rise of Kunark

Love EverQuest II's Rise of Kunark expansion? Love the new zones and quests and raids and content? Of course you do, we al do. But did you ever bother to think for a single moment...what happens to the zones that have been left behind? Or why that Sokokar is flying sideways?  Well we did, and you can see it here in this week's humor piece at Ten Ton Hammer.

A sokokar dragon lays panting on its side as a large Barbarian man carefully dismounts to the shocked amazement of his companions.

"Dude. WHAT were you just doing to that dragon?" An Elven Ranger asks as he points to the beast that still sits on its side.

"Huh?" The Barbarian asks in confusion as he looks over at the toppled dragon and then back at his confused friend. "What? The graphic glitch that makes you sit on it sideways?" The big man inquires as he looks back over at the sokokar.

"Uh...huh." The Elf says incredulously as he takes a step back, his eyes still focusing on dragon.

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