Age of Conan Active Blocking and Sneaking Video from GDC '08

There's No Blocking Our Sneaky Editors!
There's No Blocking Our Sneaky Editors!

As Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures draws ever closer to the fabled May 20th release date, the amount of information about the game continues to expand and grow. Players are already gearing up their desired classes and jotting out strategies for success in the high-end PvP areas. But a few pieces of information - active blocking and sneaking in particular - were still being hidden away by the developers, but the Ten Ton Hammer staff has pulled out all the stops to bring this content to you. At GDC '08, the Ten Ton Hammer crew witnessed active blocking and sneaking first hand, and now we're proud to present the Age of Conan community with the video from the event. Enjoy!

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