Final Fantasy XI: Dancer and Scholar Interview

Dance (or Think) Your Way into FFXI

The war to stay ahead of the competition has been underway in the massively multiplayer gaming marketplace for nearly a decade, but only within the last few years has the struggle really reached critical mass. Subscription and retail box numbers are tossed about with growing rapidity, and the press rabidly analyzes any new statistics that come to their attention. One of the more popular games over the last five years have been Final Fantasy XI, and it continues to sell boxes and garner thousands of subscribers. With the release of their most recent expansion, Wings of the Goddess, the FFXI developers unveiled two new jobs – the Dancer and Scholar – and the Ten Ton Hammer staff recently talked with Mitsutoshi Gondai to learn all the details of these two new additions.

Gondai: These jobs were added for several reasons. With Final Fantasy XI's unique job change and support job systems, these additions create choices even for players who prefer a specific main job. And as well as introducing interesting new game mechanics, the dancer was designed to provide a melee job more suited for solo play, and the introduction of the scholar swells the ranks of the relatively few magic-using jobs.

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