Tabula Rasa: Guide to Wedge Rock Outpost

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place

In the fine tradition of military tactics, the AFS has decided to build an incredibly secure facility on a rock in the wilderness. Providing players in Plateau with a series of missions, Wedge Rock Outpost is most certainly not somewhere you'll want to miss. Ten Ton Hammer has updated their guide to this area including new missions and rewards, so check out this vital intel inside.

There is nothing that feels safer than being surrounded by dozens of infantry within a cavernous mountain base. Eventually you'll have to leave the comforts of Tabula Rasa's Fort Defiance and make your way to other areas of Valverde Plateau for experience. One of your first trips will be to the eastern area of the zone to a small AFS fort called Wedge Rock Outpost.

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