EverQuest 2 Tier 8 Leveling Guide

Posted Tue, Mar 04, 2008 by Shayalyn

Hitting the Level Cap...Again!

Just when you thought you had finally made the level cap in EverQuest 2, those silly developers go and add more content and 10 more levels!  The road from level 70 to level 80 doesn't have to be painful, just let Ten Ton Hammer lead the way to non-grinding experience bliss in our Tier 8 Leveling Guide.

RoK can be utilized in your mid to late 60s, so don't be shy about making your way to the new lands a bit early. During this time you will focus most of your gameplay around the docks in Kylong Plains, Teren's Grasp, and Highton. Teren's Grasp is especially important to gain a good amount of faction with if you don't wish to be traveling to and from the main cities all of the time. This town has everything you need: mender, broker, banker, merchants, trainers, crafting stations, etc all available to you if they like you!


This announcement is so full of win we could hardly wait to tell you about it. Today EQHammer announced its User-generated Content System. In the spirit of EverQuest Next Landmark, where players are the superstars creating cool things, we’ve decided to give you - the players, the dreamers of dreams and the makers of guides - a platform.

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