EverQuest 2: Brell's Day Lore: The Tavern of Lost Souls

Expansion Hints Within!
Expansion Hints Within!

There is one day in the year in which there can be no shame in being just a little bit tipsy in Norrath.  EverQuest 2 will soon be celebrating that ole favorite holiday of Brell's Day, and in preparation for this our good friends over at SOE sent us a bit of lore and a fine song to help get us into the spirit of celebration.

It is also worth mentioning to our readers, that this lore has some loose connection with the next EQ2 expansion.  What could it be? Let the speculation begin!

The foreboding Deathtoll Bell Tower, it rises higher than most mountains of Norrath. A soul could be lost forever within its hallways and forever is a possibility in the land of undeath that this structure dominates. For all its grandeur, it is not a place anyone hopes to visit. Yet, I find myself in an afterlife odyssey that demands my presence upon the bleak landscape of Ethernere.

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