EQ2: Betrayal - Gaining Freeport Faction

Fights! Epic Struggles! Betrayal!
Fights! Epic Struggles! Betrayal!

Ten Ton Hammer is taking our already very useful EverQuest II Betrayal Guides and making them even better!  After going through the quest line to betray you are left with the sometimes long and confusing task of gaining faction with your new home city.  We will help ease that be walking you through some of the best quests to gain faction, starting with Freeport!  If you've decided to betray to this city of vermin and filth, then take this guide right along with you and we will help get you there faster!

These are the Freeport faction quests given by Gol M'Tun in Antonica outside the North Qeynos gates along the road. He gives small tasks and large shows of loyalty. I happen to like the highest faction reward quests, particularly if you play a class that has the ability to invis or stealth. The Bounties are also fairly easy to do but all the travel can be really tedious, especially if you don't have Kingdom of Sky and cannot take the shortcut through Tenebrous Tangle, but they still award fairly nice faction.

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