Tabula Rasa: Vista SP1 and You

Take My Vista, Please!
Take My Vista, Please!

Like Judgement Day in Terminator, the arrival of the first Service Pack for Windows Vista can strike fear in the hearts of anyone. While some may see it as a harbinger of doom, others are hailing it as a much needed fix for the operating system. How will it affect your gaming and most importantly Tabula Rasa? RadarX goes through the entire patch from an average gamers perspective and pulls out a few pearls that might make it worthwhile.

As the anticipation grows for Microsoft Vista Service Pack 1 customers across the world cheer, worry, and weep under a desk. Didn't know SP1 was on it's way? Don't worry, most people aren't aware despite numerous comparison articles both praising and blasting Microsoft. While admittedly there are times that Vista operates in a manner similar to a steaming pile of poo, this update promises to fix not only a number of bugs but improve performance.

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