City of Heroes: Issue 12 Dev Diary by Matt "Positron" Miller

What's New and What's Coming Up for City of Heroes?
What's New and What's Coming Up for City of Heroes?

Over the last year, the City of Heroes franchise has undergone some fairly massive changes, but the coming year may hold even more for those players still involved in the epic super hero game. In an effort to recap the changes and discuss what's coming up in the near future, the game's lead designer, Matt "Positron" Miller, recently unveiled a public developer diary. The Ten Ton Hammer staff has picked up the developer diary and posted it for all interested parties to view. Take a look, and don't forget to post on our forums!

Of course that's not entirely where our development efforts have been going; we have a lot of long-term goals and we have been diligently working toward them. We are excited about the possibilities that a single owner brings to the table. Being "under one roof" is affording us more flexibility than ever before and it's fun having direct contact with all of the different departments here at NCsoft working hard to continue the game's success. And with our new studio we can confidently plan for Issue 13, 14, and beyond, and hire the people that will make those Issues and goals happen.

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