Age of Conan: Know Your Role - The Rogue

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Do you know your role as a Rogue? This week Martuk examines the Rogue archetype for Age of Conan Hyborian Adventure and what their role in a group might be like in part two of his four part "Know Your Role" series. The Rogue class in many traditional MMOGs are high damage dealers and in a pinch a back up tank. Find out what Martuk thinks this classÂ’s role will be.

AoC will require players to work together as one cohesive unit on the battle field. The rogue archetypes are damage dealing light tanks. Like other classes, the rogue will need to perform its role in support of its allies. While they can deal massive damage, players will want to moderate it in such a way that it doesn't pull the aggro from the main tank. Going damage happy can at times have disastrous consequences for that player and the group. Deal your damage in moderation and coordinate with the main tank. The best tank in the world can't hold aggro against a DPS class gone trigger happy.

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