Requiem: A Bloody Preview

Posted Wed, Mar 19, 2008 by Shayalyn

A Nightmare in the Making

Violence has always been a part of human nature. From the gladiatorial combat in Ancient Rome to the bloody massacres seen on modern television, the viewing of violence as entertainment has never changed. One of the first MMOG developers to approach this grisly medium is Gravity Interactive, a studio best known for creating the wildly popular children's MMOG, Ragnarok Online. Their entry into the marketplace is titled Requiem: Bloodymare, and the developers have pulled out all the stops to insure that this game is as nightmarishly brutal as possible. With the game now in closed beta and free for the press to preview, Cody "Micajah" Bye sat down with the title and pounded his way through the initial play experience for Requiem: Bloodymare.

All gore and guts aside, the atmosphere of the game really does an incredible job of pulling you into the game. As you traverse through your initial starting area, you'll find the secluded city of Rondel. Built into the middle of a massive, snow covered peak, Rondel is reminiscent of cities you might have seen at the beginning of the electrical age. Power lines run through the city streets and steam blasts out of vents on random intervals. Glowing fires can be seen in many of the buildings and armed guards walk down the stony alleys. If the Fallout franchise focused on swords and sorcery, this is the sort of town they might have designed.

While most people consider 13 to be an unlucky number, we here at Ten Ton Hammer don't happen to agree, at least for this week.
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