Metin 2: Game Update Interview

That's What He Said!
That's What He Said!

The arrival of free-to-play massively multiplayer games came as both a blessing and a curse to many MMO gamers. Unlike their pay-to-play brethren, the newly released free-to-play games often featured poorly translated in-game text, poorly localized gameplay, and generally outdated features. However, those free-to-play games that did feature excellent localization have done exceptionally well in North American and the European countries. Recently, Ten Ton Hammer's Cody "Micajah" Bye sat down with Howard He, the CEO of G4Box, to talk about the upcoming release of their latest imported game, Metin 2!

He: Once every month or two, our player base has the opportunity to elect a player to become the King or Queen for their nation. A Monarch has the power to change the tides of a battle single handedly. The player that is elected as king or queen receives special armor that identifies their status as well as special powers that can affect their entire nation. These powers are not without a cost though, the powers use funds from the national treasury which is built through the sale of items (taxes).

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