EQ2: Updated Coercer and Conjurer Class Guides

 We've Summoned Up a Couple of EQ2 Class Guide Updates
 We've Summoned Up a Couple of EQ2 Class Guide Updates

We are on a Class Guide updating spree! Ten Ton Hammer has updated the EverQuest 2 Class Guides for the Coercer and the Conjurer. Both very fun mage classes with loads of power and high fun potential. If you are playing one of these classes or have thought about playing one, visit these guides to get great tips and practical advice to get you on your way to being the best mage that you can be.

Ahh, those mesmerizing Coercers...literally! This is a very much under utilized class that rarely gets the mention that it deserves. Admittedly, the Coercer class is a challenging class to play, but with that challenge comes great reward. I have found Coercers to be an indispensable player in groups, and quite a bit of fun to duo with!

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