Tabula Rasa: Guide to Lower Eloh

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More and More Great TR Guides

One of the first major conflicts you'll encounter in Tabula Rasa, the Lower Eloh area is nothing more than AFS and Bane defensive areas cut in half by a river.  With a number of vital missions to complete this is not an area you want to miss and Ten Ton Hammer has your complete walkthrough.  With hazards such as sniper bunkers, large patrols led by Bane officers, and mortars you are going to need all the help you can muster.

Lower Eloh Creek is nothing more than a defensive position west of Alia Das and north of the Wilderness LZ. These are the frontlines of a major assault by the Bane, and provide ample opportunity for players to get into battle quickly. This will be the focal point of a number of missions from the Lower Eloh teleporter area, Alia Das, and Wilderness LZ. It is designed for characters over level 5 and unless there are a significant number of players clearing the area, you may find it extremely dangerous.

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