Tabula Rasa: Guide To Ustor Yard

These Junkyard Dogs Bite!
These Junkyard Dogs Bite!

Something stinks in the southeastern part of Valverde Plateau of Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa. A huge Bane junkyard sits down here, and you and your squad have become the AFS garbage men. Ustor Yard is a level 30 squad instance, and it’s highly recommended that you do not attempt it alone. You need to complete this instance to gain entrance to the Maligo Bridge and waypoint, which allows you to enter the more formidable Maligo Base.

A poor naked prisoner is stuck here in the middle of a nasty pit, with no armor to increase her muck resistance. She has noticed the Bane use some sort of stim pack to help them fight the effects of the green glowy junk, and she thinks that will help her survive a naked run out of the area. Out of Thin Air requires you to kill some Bane and loot one of these stim packs for (she’s nameless, so we’ll call her…) Barbie.

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