Warhammer Online Scenarios: Stone Troll Crossing and Talabec Dam

Bombs and Boulders to Go
Bombs and Boulders to Go

Ready for a little Chaos vs Empire action? Feel like PvP isn't enough and you want to live a life of real danger? Then do we have the perfect scenario for you! EA Mythic has released a new set of Scenarios and in one of them, you're getting boulders hurled at you while you're trying to fight. As if that's not enough extra action for your PvP pie, try adding a bomb for flavor. That's right, nothing says "Oh, no stinkin' wa-BOOOM" like exploding in the middle of the fight. Sound like your cup of tea? Well, take a look at what the newest scenarios have to offer!

Each of the bomb locations can be defended fairly well as you can only approach them from two sides; however both locations are highly susceptible to knock-back. You won't die if you get knocked back into the river below, but any extra fireballs that come your way may make life a little difficult getting out of the drink!

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