Extended Warhammer Online Inevitable City Walk Through (Premium Member Version)

Extended Inevitable City Tour for Premium Members
Extended Inevitable City Tour for Premium Members

In many games, evil is pretty cool. In Warhammer Online Age: of Reckoning it's just awesome. Chaos is almost as old as the world itself, dating back to the time of the Elves with an evil that not only warps the mind but shapes the body as well. The Inevitable City is the hub of the current Chaos hordes, led by the Warlord Tchar'zanek and Ten Ton Hammer was lucky enough to have Development Manager Mike Stone take us on a tour of the Capital of Chaos. It has all the amenities of home, up to and including the floating eye guards and Chaos giant in the slums. Just don't go walking into the light behind Tchar'zanek's palace or you may never come back.

This extended movie for our premium members features an extra few minutes as you peruse the slimy surroundings of Nurgle's Dungeon. If you like oozing walls and gooey floors, you won't want to miss this. Sound interesting? Then what are you waiting for? Come take a look at how Chaos lives.

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