Warhammer Online: An Interview with Mark Jacobs, Vice President and General Manager of EA Mythic

Let's Hear One More "Whaaag!" for WAR!
Let's Hear One More "Whaaag!" for WAR!

Last week we had a chance to chat with EA Mythic's Vice President and General Manager Mark Jacobs about Warhammer Online. Mark spoke about the delay and was also kind enough to answer our questions on game play and design. Mark even answered questions about his personal preferences when it comes to playing MMOs.

Mark’s first words about delaying the game were what he has said from the beginning; that “release dates for MMOs are set in mud.” Mark continued to say, “We could have released W.A.R. in the second quarter but we would be sacrificing polish, quality, and balance.” With EA’s support of the game the team has the resources to put more time and effort into building a top MMO for players. Mark explained, “I don’t want to release W.A.R. until it is a great game!” Mark talked about how much EA believed in the game and said that if they did not believe in it they likely would have launched it already.

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