Warhammer Online: The Tome of Knowledge Update with Carrie Gouskos

A Not-So-Ancient Tome
A Not-So-Ancient Tome

One of the most exciting and unique aspects of Warhammer Online is the Tome of Knowledge. Containing completed quests, lore, and much more it promises to add another dimension of play to the game. Ten Ton Hammer's Garrett Fuller expounds on the amazing video we saw last week about the Tome of Knowledge, by sharing his views on Game Designer Carrie Gouskos's presentation. If you haven't heard about this unusual feature, this is the perfect time to learn more.

Warhammer Online has been talking about their Tome of Knowledge from the beginning. The Tome is a track record of all of your characters achievements in the form of a very cool looking Old World book. The writing and pictures look like the classic Warhammer artwork and stories. The Tome is yours to enjoy fill in with loads of information as you adventure through the game, keep your kill stats in RvR and many other things. Game Designer Carrie Gouskos was on hand to show us some of the updates to the Tome and also look at some ways the book is used to enhance game play and unlock loads of secret content.

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