Isle of Quel'Danas Guide, Phase 2

Posted Thu, Apr 03, 2008 by DarkFact

Isle of Quel'Danas Guide, Phase 2

We have added a new page to our ongoing Isle of Quel'Danas Guide, this one detailing the daily Quests you may undertake during Phase 2, from Intercepting Mana Cells for the Quel'Danas Portal, to impaling the Emissary of Hate infront of the Legion's Portal in Sun's Reach Armory.

Having recovered some ground into the Harbor, more Shattered Sun Offensive soldiers will secure a building just southeast of the first questgivers. This will lead you to the next two quests for the day, advancing the plot and giving the offensive the chance to mount an attack and recover the Sun's Reach Armory - the place you will need to unlock as a server in order to buy the new Heroic Badge Loot.

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