LotRO Minstrel Class Preview

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Who knew the nerds in choir would be so popular?

It's one of those things at the top of any gamer's list when looking at a new game: "Which class is right for me?" For gamers eagerly awaiting Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar (LOTRO), knowing the name of each class isn't enough. Fans of Tolkien's work want to know how each class preserves the lore of Middle-earth while providing a workable game mechanic. Ralsu takes a peek at the Minstrel and tells us what to expect:

Turbine's description of Minstrel by itself is not revealing, but reading in combination with the Morale System is. If the entrance of a balrog into the room reduces everyone's morale--making it easier for them to die--the Fellowship (a party in LOTRO) is doubly disadvantaged: they face a more difficult foe and they will die sooner. The Minstrel counters that with her songs, which raise the morale of all in the Fellowship.

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