EQ2: Game Update 44 Preview with Video!

A Glimpse of the Future  
A Glimpse of the Future
EverQuest II's Game Update #44 is soon to hit live servers on April 8th. While we wait for the chance to get in game and experience it all for ourselves, Ten Ton Hammer has gathered a preview of some of the most anticipated new features. Check out video footage of the newest zone, The Shard of Hate, see screenshots of the latest mount in Norrath, and get the scoop on the updates that the Rangers have been hoping for.

The Shard of Hate, remnants of the formerly known Plane of Hate, was the astral plane ruled by the vindictive God Innoruuk. It seems that this home of the Prince of Hate is now no less grim that it was years ago or any less willing to consume Norrathian adventurers in it's ghastly tomb. Beware the dangers for this newly found realm will not be kind to those who dare enter.

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