WoW Paladin Guide - Spells and Talent Section Update

Posted Mon, Apr 07, 2008 by Shayalyn

Make the Paladin Your Pal Again

If you play a Paladin you have to check out our brand new Spells, Talents and talent build section. It focuses on information and links that cover all the basic spells, talents and builds. It also has several brand new builds that focus on each of the three main ways to play a Paladin, as well as links to our more in depth Paladin sub-type guides.

Holy Build - This build is a solid raid type holy build. It goes into protection just far enough for blessing of kings, and spends the rest in holy. It can heal big and for a long time. Mana conservation isn't usually an issue, and neither is the size of the heal. For PvP you will probably want to go a bit further into protection to add improved
concentration aura and stoicism, but other than that you will be a solid healer all around.

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