Lineage II Hellbound's Steel Citadel Preview

Highway to Hellbound
Highway to Hellbound

The gameplay in Lineage II is not for the faint of heart. Players often play for years without attaining their maximum level potential in the game, and the PvP combat can be hectic on top of that. However, for those players that do reach the epic levels, there are encounters like the Steel Citadel, a huge raid encounter with a whole variety of mini-bosses to tear through on the way. Thanks to the NCsoft developers, Ten Ton Hammer has a preview of this encounter along with a trailer for the upcoming Hellbound expansion!

Each adventurer in the party must possess Fiery Demon Blood, a special Base Tower-oriented buff, before they can gain access to the Tower of Infinitum. The tower itself has five floors, each with two large rooms—adventurers ascend the tower through one set of rooms and back down the tower through another set. Two major raid bosses are in the Tower of Infinitum: the Demon Prince and Ranku, both of which can be tough but well-organized parties should be able to take them down.

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