Warhammer Online's Witch Hunter Career Mastery

"Ya Can't Torquemada Anything!"
"Ya Can't Torquemada Anything!"

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is reminiscent  of the middle ages so it would make sense that it would have it's very own class of inquisitors. Say hello to the Witch Hunters! Armed with swords, guns, and the holy relics of Sigmar himself, these investigators of evil will spare no expense at rooting out the allies of Chaos that hide in the dark corners of the Empire. To help them better ferret out the darkness, EA Mythic has provided our would be Torquemada's with the Proper Paths of Mastery to do the job. Come read the Witch hunter's Paths of Mastery or forever be-ya cast into tha flaaaaaames of purgatory!

The Witch Hunters are deadly fighters who seek out and destroy anything tainted by the touch of Chaos. They lay down Accusations at swordpoint until they're satisfied of their enemy's guilt, and then unleash an Execution with the booming voice of their pistol. Their combat abilities are bolstered by a variety of sacred artifacts, such as blessed bullets which add additional effects to their Executions, and potent Holy Relics which can briefly imbue them with great power.

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