Shards of the Shard of Hate: EQ2 Humor by Coyote

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Because Hate is Funny!
The Shard of Hate has finally made it's way into EverQuest II and despite the fact that it's been boasted as being a tough raid zone, many have ventured in to have a look. What grim tales do they tell?  Coyote Sharptongue, not one to miss a scoop, has exclusive stories from beaten and tearful adventurers after their encounter with this terror of a zone.

"Gorath, I need you to scout ahead. We don't know these lands and I'd rather not be surprised. Melthor, I need you to...." The man's instructions are cut off as he turns his head and listens to the ghostly whispers of a faint song playing unseen in the distance.
"..her name was lola...she was a show girl. With yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there.."
Shaking his head with a puzzled look he turns back to his party who seem unaware of the out of place melody and continues his orders.

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