WoW: Gold is the Next Silver

Posted Mon, Apr 14, 2008 by Shayalyn

Goldflation Happens

For ages now players of World of Warcraft have seen their in-game market prices rise and rise and rise. What's causing the massive amount of inflation? Is it something that Blizzard has done or is it something way more nefarious and is there any hope in our future? Find out the answers to these questions in Gold is the Next Silver!

Before the expansion this was brewing. Prices on things were so high no new player could afford any item without a gathering trade skill that they could barter their gathered goods at the inflated prices. Higher level players were perfectly fine with the prices since money was somewhat easy to get, especially for raiders who could obtain the Nexus Crystals en masse. However, after the expansion the inflation finally reached the point where it is now.

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