Dofus MMOG Hitting Cell Phones June 2008

Posted Thu, Apr 17, 2008 by Cody Bye

If only we could play WoW from our cell phones.

The MMOG experience is about to take a step in a brand new direction. Anakama Games, developers of the hugely popular game Dofus, have announced that they will be porting the title to cell phone by June 2008. Here's the official press release:

ANKAMA is proud to announce the upcoming release of DOFUSPocket which is being developed by its subsidiary Kalmeo. DOFUSPocket will delight DOFUS fans who will soon be able to play on their mobile phones as well!

“We wish to offer our DOFUS players new content and additional features that will add to the original online game. We do not wish to simply make a shorter version of DOFUS for mobiles.” says Mr. Emmanuel Darras, CEO and co-founder of ANKAMA. “It seems to be the logical follow-up to our development which is centered on innovating cross-media solutions as well as our will to have a total control over our projects.”

A few days ago, DOFUS community members were offered the chance to join the DOFUSPocket beta test to help validate the technical solutions chosen for the mobile application. This application was designed by Kalmeo, the most recent subsidiary of the ANKAMA Group, which has been based in Lyon since the end of 2007 and is directed by Mr. Boris Beaulant, former R&D developer on DOFUS: “This 1st phase is mainly about validating the software platform that we’ve developed and identifying the residual compatibility issues”.

Regarding the contents and features available, they will be integrated progressively during the test period and after the official release. Users will have different features at their disposal, from simple information consultation to data exchange with game servers through “user to user” applications between mobiles or SMS alerts for in-game events! Mr. Bahon, Director of the Ankama Games Products, declares: “We already have several ideas about the content we want to add and how we will distribute it. We also wish to make use of the latest mobiles’ potential to the full including the diffusion of videos produced by Ankama Animations, or even the use of 2D barcodes. Unlike our competitors, we do have within our walls all the necessary resources to develop all the features and content we want to offer our users, even though it’s no longer within the video-game framework.”

Tests started today with restricted access, and they will become open to all users within a few weeks. The official release of DOFUSPocket is scheduled for this summer.

Official Release of DOFUSPocket: June 2008

If you're interested in learning more about Dofus, head over to our game overview page to get all the important facts!

It seems that every online game developer these days wants a piece of the mobile gaming market pie and Ankama Games is no exception. According to an Ankama press release, DOFUS: Battle launched on for the iPad and iPhone devices today. DOFUS: Battle is a mix of Tower Defense, real-time strategy and RPG. The game is based in Ankama's popular DOFUS universe and uses locations, characters, monsters and equipment that will be familiar to DOFUS players.

DOFUS: Battle is available in every country but is currently only available in French, English and Spanish languages. Check out the official press release and trailer after the break for more game details.

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