EQ2: Necromancer Class Guide Update

Posted Sun, Apr 20, 2008 by Shayalyn

Making Death Look Cool
When it comes to summoning and controlling the dead, the EverQuest II Necromancer class has it down to a ghastly science!  This formidable pet class has long been a favorite for soloers, but many will sometimes forget how useful they are in groups and raids as well!  Have you always considered playing one?  With a fully updated Necromancer guide, there is no time like the present to roll an alt and get to know this master of the dead!

Why choose necromancer?

You're not a back row root-and-nuke specialist like most mages, you're not a damage-absorbing "tank," and certainly not a healer (except to your pet). You wield the dead as weapons (pets), and specialize in reducing your enemies' health slowly over time by a variety of means, most insidiously the lifetap -- the conversion of some of the damage you cause your opponent into power for you.


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