EQ2: Necromancer Class Guide Update

Making Death Look Cool  
Making Death Look Cool
When it comes to summoning and controlling the dead, the EverQuest II Necromancer class has it down to a ghastly science!  This formidable pet class has long been a favorite for soloers, but many will sometimes forget how useful they are in groups and raids as well!  Have you always considered playing one?  With a fully updated Necromancer guide, there is no time like the present to roll an alt and get to know this master of the dead!

Why choose necromancer?

You're not a back row root-and-nuke specialist like most mages, you're not a damage-absorbing "tank," and certainly not a healer (except to your pet). You wield the dead as weapons (pets), and specialize in reducing your enemies' health slowly over time by a variety of means, most insidiously the lifetap -- the conversion of some of the damage you cause your opponent into power for you.

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