Exteel Developer Diary #3 and New Screenshots


The media train continues for the combat oriented, robot-based, MMOG known as Exteel. As the game continues to hit its stride in the crowded and ever-growing MMOG marketplace, the developers are pressing hard to get as many articles and screenshots published concerning their game as possible. Thankfully, the staff at Ten Ton Hammer is more than up for the challenge and the crew has posted the team's most recent dev journal along with fifteen new screenshots!

One of the Mechanaught sets available for a reasonable sticker price is the Frontliner, a medium Mechanaught design that is built for battling other Mechanaughts on the front lines (hence the name) and absorbing greater amounts of punishment. It's a popular purchase among new players, who want to stand and fight the enemy straight-up, rather than run away at the first signs of danger. The heavier armor of the Frontliner means it's a bit more armored than a Pinkett, but the Frontliner has superior energy generating and heat regulation capabilities without really slowing it down.

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