Tabula Rasa: Guide to Mount Hellas

Averting a Caffeine Crisis
Averting a Caffeine Crisis

Situated in a hotspot for Bane activity, Mount Hellas is an AFS base carved into the side of a mountain. Representing the only safe defensive position in the western Torden Plains of Richard GarriottÂ’s Tabula Rasa, it sits as a reminder to the enemy that we haven't given up. Ten Ton Hammer has updated this guide to add even more experience producing missions!

Say it isn't so, Colonel Franks! The coffee courier didn't show up, causing a caffeine crisis for the Corps. Those pesky Bane are always trying to disrupt the AFS shipments, and even the mood-boosting drink isn't safe. You need to find that missing shipment, and get it back to the post pronto!

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