World of Warcraft Priest Guide: Playing a Discipline Priest

Go Forth and Heal!
Go Forth and Heal!

So you want to be your group's savior? You don't feel the need to do massive DPS or control the pace of the fight as a tank? Good for you! We need more healers out there! What spec will you use to pursue your healing art? The choices are holy or discipline. This guide is guaranteed to help you sort things out.

In general if you are playing PvE content you will tend to be holy spec'ed. If you are playing a priest and are into PvP and / or Arena combat, there is an excellent chance you are going to be a discipline spec'ed healer. End game raiders tend to have a good mix from both talent trees.

A staple ability for a PvP discipline Priest is the improved mana drain ability. In many arena fights the winner is decided by who has mana remaining, and this talent helps ensure that you are that player. It reduces the casting time of your mana drain ability by a 1/2 second which makes it much more useful.

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