LotRO Interview with Jeffrey Steefel: Book 13

Posted Thu, Apr 24, 2008 by Morvelaira

Check out details of Book 13 here while you wait for the download.

The boys at Eurogamer got a chance to sit down with Jeffrey Steefel of Turbine and grill him about Book 13 just a little.

Eurogamer: Where does the idea of Forochel come from?
Jeffrey Steefel: It's actually mentioned in the books, just in one paragaph that describes it as a barren icy waste where an imporant shipwreck happens. As normal, we took what was talked about there and extrapolated from it. Tolkien also talks very briefly about the Lossoth, the indigenous types who help the shipwrecked. We took that as new faction for reputation, created their infrastructure, and decided they were like eskimos of the northern wastes here.

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