AoC Comic: Lost In Hyboria - "The Jungle is Lonely"

Only the Lonely
Only the Lonely

Age of Conan Ten Ton Hammer's very own weekly comic strip is back with its 7th issue! Machail, Martuk, and JoBildo are all three "Lost In Hyboria," and sometimes when you're on such a grand adventure and things aren't going too well... it gets lonely. The jungle can be a very depressing place. Click through via the link below to see how Martuk deals with his ever-so-deep anguish.

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Karen is H.D.i.C. (Head Druid in Charge) at EQHammer. She likes chocolate chip pancakes, warm hugs, gaming so late that it's early, and rooting things and covering them with bees. Don't read her Ten Ton Hammer column every Tuesday. Or the EQHammer one every Thursday, either.
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