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Q:What exactly is the Tome of Knowledge?
The Tome of Knowledge is a feature of the game that tracks your achievments as you progress through the world of Warhammer Online. It tracks types of kills, RvR kills, opens new quests and gives rewards for finishing them, gives you titles based on certain achievements, etc. It literally is a book of your character's life.

Q:Will I have to do the Tome of Knowledge quests in order to advance?
Nope, one of the great things about the Tome of Knowledge quests is that they're totally optional. Don't feel like killing squigs and getting the title? No problem, don't do it. Aren't into exploring the land and finding out about the past? No problem, you can keep on doing what you're doing. Tome Quests won't impact your regular quest lines. However, if you don't do the Tome Quests, then you bypass getting the rewards from those quests.

Q:Will I be able to get title rewards from quests in the Tome of Knowledge?
Yes you will. Doing certain quests in the Tome of Knowledge will grant you several different types of rewards, on of them being different titles.

Q:What sort of things will the Tome of Knowledge track and is their a limit to how far it will track certain things?
The Tome of Knowledge will track everything you do. It tracks kills, Kill vs Death ratios, Total deaths, Achievements, experience. Anything you do in the game it will track. And it never has a limit. So if you kill a million things, the Tome will reflect that you've killed a million things and also break them down by creature type.

Q:How many things will the Tome of Knowledge be able to unlock?
In the recent "Welcome Back to Beta" video that Jeff Hickman and Paul Barnett did, Jeff states that he" lost count at 12,000 unlocks.". Which means that the Tome of Knowledge will have more than 12,000 different things that you'll be able to unlock and possibly get rewards from during your characters life time!

Q:How long will it take to unlock my first item in the Tome of Knowledge?
From the time you log into the game you'll get your first unlock almost immediately and then you'll be able to get unlocks pretty much everywhere from there.

Q:How does the Tome of Knowledge work in PvP?
There will be specific achievements you can accomplish which directly involve RvR. Mythic Entertainment isn't being specific right now to keep from spoiling the surprises.

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